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We Clean America, a Housecleaning Referral Agency providing Professional Cleaning since 1982.

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We Clean America was founded by Michael Shaw in 1982 in order to provide premium maid services to all of Los Angeles. It all started while he was in the real estate game, and he noticed a high demand for home cleaning services for move-ins and move-outs. However, he saw how much people were paying for simple cleanings, and that it was unjust. Therefore, he formed his own company.

Now, decades later, he has cleaned over a million homes, and he wants to clean yours too!

Call us for:

  • Maid services provided by expert crews.
  • Available 7 days a week.
  • Flexible home cleaning schedules for your convenience.
  • One flat hourly price, so there are no hidden fees.

Our maids and home cleaners are trustworthy individuals who adhere to the highest level of professionalism and customer service. Pick up the phone and give us a call when you need a clean living space.

L.A. Superior Cleaning Teams

Our maid service Los Angeles teams understand your needs. You lead a busy life with attention needing to be paid to your family, work, and hobbies. With us by your side, you will have time for all the things you love.

Trust us to be there for you when you need us the most. The maid service Los Angeles Company has grown to service thousands of clients a week. On top of that, some of our crew members have been with us for over 30 years. In that time, we have seen it all. We will get your home to a spotless condition, so that you can take a deep breath of fresh air after we are done.

Call us if you had a wild party, if you need your home in pristine condition in order to entertain guest, or if you’re too busy to clean. The maid service Los Angeles team will get your home looking beautiful.

Getting the Most Out of a Maid Service Team in Los Angeles

Hiring a cleaning company to maintain your home is a simple way to streamline the rest of your life, so the experts here at We Clean America, want to make it even easier. Follow these tips in order to get the most bang for your buck.

  1. Scheduling

You’re more likely to get a hundred percent off a team earlier in the morning than in the afternoon. After lunch food comas are a real thing. Even ask a film professional. They will tell you that productivity tends to drop a little after lunch.

On top of that,  daylight is the most optimal for allowing our maid service Los Angeles crews the ability to really see that the place is cleaned.

  1. Homeowner Prep

Our maids are here to make your life easier, therefore, you can add to that by doing a little prep work before they arrive. I know what you’re thinking, “then why hire a maid service?”

Well, during cleaning some things may shift, fall off a shelf, or break. Now, replacing items is not hard; however, some items do not have any monetary value. For example, a Grecian urn passed down in your family may be worth a great deal of money, but the sentimental value is through the roof. You can’t replace that.

Additionally, clutter may prevent our cleaners from really getting all the dust and dirt out. Thus, a simple step for a homeowner to take is to remove clutter and highly personal items, so that we can make your home look perfect.

The home cleaning Los Angeles team at We Clean America will be able to better serve your needs if they are able to navigate the area without worry. We are professionals, and we aim to provide the best clean possible.

Call us for house cleaning and maid service in the southern California area.