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Super Spring Cleaning Deal

$21.50 an hour.

Spring is here and it’s time for your home to get a refresh with our super spring cleaning deal. An extensive cleaning that will make your home look like new.

Find out how much a complete spring cleaning will cost you. We’ll respond with a quote quickly.

DISCLAIMER: $21.50 rate is per person per hour. Must book minimum of 4 hours to qualify for promotional rate. Promotional rate may vary depending on the size of your house. We are not by any means obliged to the $21.50 rate. Offer expires on March 31, 2017. Please call us for more information.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

  • Complete fridge cleaning
  • Complete oven cleaning
  • All cabinets, cupboards, counter tops and baseboards.
  • All windows
  • Dust all surfaces
  • Dust corner and edges
  • Vacuum Edges
  • Wash all baseboards
  • Wash all floors
  • Wipe swatches
  • Wipe door knobs
  • Clean appliances
  • Wash bathroom counters
  • Scrub tubs and showers
  • Spot cleaning on walls
  • Clean washer and dryer
  • Clean under appliances
  • Wipe ceiling fans, lights and fixtures
  • Dust door tops
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Wash windows inside and out* (if reachable)
  • Clean kitchen cabinets inside and out
  • Clean oven
  • Feather dust blinds
  • Change linens (if clean ones are left out)
  • Laundry* ($20 fee)

Why Hire Us

Professional experience since 1982

All maids are background screened

100% Satisfaction guarantee. Not satisfied, get a free cleaning.

Lowest spring cleaning price in Southern California


Needed to find someone quick for a move out cleaning these guys got me what I needed and did an excellent job for a pretty reasonable rate. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing to find a house cleaner in the area.

Julian P.

Los Angeles, CA
I’ve used them for multiple move-out cleanings, and those have always gone pretty good. They do cost more, but they’ve always been pretty thorough and I’ve always had happy landlords after. Most recently had them clean our new house, which is much larger, and the cleaning obviously cost more. They did a good job and I’m happy enough with the quality and will call them again.

Ivy D.

West Hills, CA
They were gracious enough to send another cleaning team over (at no extra charge) to finish what the first team didn’t. Very good customer service. The second team did a much better job. Thank you.

Kak L.

Van Nuys, CA
We have been using their service and the maids they have sent have done a pretty good job. I would recommend them for a general 2-3 hour clean.

Jackie U.

North Hollywood, CA

Spring cleaning doesn't have to be expensive.

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